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Vacation Pet Care

Plan For Your Pet Care Before You Plan Your Vacation

by: Joan Morell

Help, I’m leaving for vacation and my neighbor can’t watch my pets!

Owning a pet sitting business, I hear this all too often. I get frantic phone calls and emails from people who are ready to go out of town and are in desperate need of a pet sitter because their friend, neighbor, family has told them that something came up and well, they can’t watch Fido. What do you do, you didn’t purchase vacation insurance and you are set to lose $3000.

My first suggestion to remedy this issue is to plan for your pet care in the same manner that you plan your vacation, and make your pet plan a priority. In fact, your best solution is to find a pet sitter even before you make plans to head out of town. Planning for your pet care well before you are on vacation elevates stress so you can focus on that spectacular trip to Telluride, (yes I’m writing this from my room in Telluride). The marvelous thing about us pet sitters is that once we have all of your information and keys, you can head out of town any time without worrying if Aunt Cricket will be available or worse back out at the last minute. If you are a client of InDogNito Pet Care you can even book your service through our Existing Clients link on the website. Within one day, your service is booked, an invoice for service is sent and poof you are done. How is that for peace of mind?

My job as the owner if InDogNito Pet Care is to make your life easier for you and your pets so you can enjoy that spectacular Alaskan Cruise or that special trip to visit your folks in Ohio. That will probably be my next adventure, and yes visiting my folks is ALWAYS and adventure.

So with all that said, give us a shout and we will head on out. Oh and if Aunt Cricket backs out, stick her with the pet sitting bill!

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