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Guinness Morell

Photo courtesy of Off The Record Photography

Almost 5 years after Einstein died, I was finally able to get another dog.  I knew that this time I would adopt a dog, a little older but a black lab and a boy, those were my requirements.  I went to the Safe Harbor Lab Rescue site and looked through the dogs but none of them seemed to speak to me. 

I thought that maybe I wasn’t ready for another dog after all.  I waited a few weeks and then checked again and I saw three potential new candidates.  I called Safe Harbor and filled out an application and asked to see those three dogs.  Their application requirements were strict and I didn’t have all the ‘necessary’ qualifications but I was an animal professional with obedience training and grooming experience.  Once they found out about my qualifications, they had suggested that I meet Tally first.  I set the appointment and found him waiting for me at the front door of his foster home. 

He was skinny, shy, and his coat was dull and flaky.  I looked beyond that and saw that silly lab just waiting to come out.  I knew he was the one but that name had to go.  I took him home 2 days later with the new name Guinness, which he has answered to since day one.  I found out later that two other people had shown interest in Guinness and both of their circumstances had left them unable to take him.  Did Guinness choose me; I believe he did. 

It’s been a few years since that fateful meeting and he is the most oober goober lab and we couldn’t be happier.  I remember how shy he was around any new person or dog we would meet on walks.  At first our walks would be quite unpredictable, he would lean on me and growl at other dogs.  It has taken some time and while he still exhibits his shy moments and insecurities, he is great fun at the off leash dog park in Westminster and although he would much rather greet the humans, he does show interest in the other dogs as well. 

It was Guinness that prompted this pet sitting business.  His shyness around others left me little alternatives for his care when traveling.  He was more comfortable at home in his familiar surroundings, that’s when I turned to in home pet care.  I know what I expect for his care and give that same care to our clients.

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