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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Kennel vs. In-Home Pet Care

by: Joan Morell

One morning I was walking Duke and we passed a boarding kennel/daycare facility. It was 7:00am and they dogs j037were barking like crazy, I’m guessing it was breakfast. Duke and I were outside the facility, walking by and the loud barking annoyed us both.  I can only imagine how the neighbors felt; this boarding facility is in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

When I lived in Ohio, I worked in a boarding facility. What I noticed is that some dogs enjoyed the drama and ciaos and had no trouble blending their barks to the chorus of “Who Let the Dogs Out”. However, most were either completely unresponsive or absolutely freaked out and shaking. One golden retriever, Sophie, was so horrified by the experience that she would lay in the same spot and not eat, drink or potty. It broke my heart the first time I met her and I had discussed it with the veterinarian who had the facility on his property. His response, “oh she is always like that.” I asked if the owners were aware of her situation, he told me that they were OK with it. Well, I wasn’t. I did everything I could to try and make her stay at the kennel better but no such luck.

If you read my post about why I became a pet sitter it was for this reason. Some pets love hanging out with other dogs and love the noise an craziness, some pets are not at all happy in an environment that is noisy and unpredictable. While Sophie had many stays at the boarding facility over the few years that I worked there, I knew she was not a good candidate in boarding so.  I knew this about Guinness and I kept him out of them.

There are numerous benefits in hiring a professional pet sitter in addition to keeping pets in familiar surroundings. A professional pet sitter has a presence in your home and it doesn’t look like you are traveling, we pick up mail, take trash out, rotate blinds and lighting. We also check your home for water leaks, damage from storms or any other disasters that may occur.

If your pet is not a happy boarding camper, consider hiring a professional pet sitter to take care of your beloved pets. We at InDogNito Pet Care provide a safe and affordable alternative to kennels and boarding. The last thing you should worry about while you are away is the comfort of your pet or rushing home to pick them up from the kennel.  They will be home waiting for you.

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